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Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare is the illustrator for Michael Tobias’s forthcoming novel for children (as well as for the imaginative child in all adults), Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard.

Adonna specializes in illustrations for all audiences, fine art, oil painting, watercolor, drawings, pottery, and a variety of other mediums. Adonna has been recognized by The Los Angeles Times, U-Press Telegram, and KCRW’s Art Critic, Edward Goldman. She holds a B.A. in Art from California State University Long Beach; and an M.F.A in Art (Illustration) from CSULB. In 2007 she received the Award for Distinguished Acheivement in Creative Activity.

Some of Adonna’s selected works can be obtained from the Lora Schlesinger Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica. For a current price list please contact the Gallery at 310-828-1133 or Adonna Khare.

Praise for the Work of Adonna Khare

Michael Tobias writes:
“Adonna Khare’s vision of life on earth — as realized with acute sensitivity to the emotional essence of each individual Being — is a masterful, uniquely inspired artistic rendering of an original earth that abounds with symbiotic and eccentric personalities. Their hybridized nature and attitudes invests each creature with a dignity and joy that humanity has otherwise all but robbed from them. I am so thrilled that this young, brilliant artist is collaborating with Professor Parrot to help further bring his entourage of kindred spirits who travel the world with him on a mission of ultimate peace with humans, to life. Adonna’s work will remind all of us that every ant, tarantula and supposedly extinct parrot or primate is, in fact, a telegram from the earth reminding us through love, levity and compassion to wake up and shout for joy, seize the day, and be gentle and kind with one another. These are also the very messages of all my writings and it is a great pleasure indeed to work with an artist of such immense talent as Adonna who truly “gets it”! ”

Edward Goldman, KCRW’s Art Critic, writes:
“Adonna Khare, a young artist whose work I hadn’t seen before, makes meticulous drawings of animals unnervingly possessed of almost human attitudes. Some artists have to learn hard the art of drawing, while lucky others – like Khare – are seemingly born with this skill. A monumental, eight-foot tall pencil drawing on paper by the artist is an impressive showcase of her formidable skill, in service of telling a benevolent version of Hieronymus Bosch’s macabre The Garden of Earthly Delights.”

For more information, please visit Adonna Khare’s official web site.