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Sappho at the Edge of Love


Format Paperback Book

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Sappho at the Edge of Love

100 Poems by Michael Pastore

by Michael Pastore
Paperback, 160 Pages
$ 15
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ISBN: 978-0927379-18-2

“Every great poem,” Pastore writes, “is a magic lamp glowing with music and mysticism, shining in madness and love.”

Sappho at the Edge of Love is a diverse and always interesting book containing blank verse, sonnets, songs, humor, parodies, and gasp! — poems that rhyme. Here you will find subtle and silly poems about loneliness and longing; creativity and the artist; the beauty and complexities of Nature; the search for a meaningful life; and the power of genuine Love.

Michael Pastore is a novelist and a poet who lives in the counter-cultured city of Ithaca, New York. He has traveled extensively — always by bicycle, often sleeping under the stars — in the USA, Europe, Greece, and Turkey. His books include Thoreau Bound: a Utopian Romance in the Isles of Greece; Lark’s Magic; Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance; Zenlightenment!; The Zorba Anthology of Love Stories; The Ithaca Manual of Style; Siddhartha and Kamala; and Teaching Kindness and Peace.