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Teaching Kindness and Peace


Web Cover for Teaching Kindness and Peace 2014

Teaching Kindness and Peace
How Stories Cultivate Creativity
and Prevent Violence

by Michael Pastore (author and editor)

Nonfiction; 252 pages; 118,000 words; 7″ x 10″
ISBN: 978-0-927379-33-5
Paperback (March 2014): $ 20
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Ebook in Kindle format: $ 5.99
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Teaching Kindness and Peace is written for everyone who works with children: parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, and child-care workers. The opening chapters describe the relationship between Art and violence, and show how literature appreciation is a cornerstone for a new educational philosophy based in Love, Sincerity, practicing the Arts, and Reading. The book then explains how to use the world’s great stories and novels to teach children three life-enhancing habits: the habit of reading, the habit of asking questions, and the habit of talking openly about important experiences, feelings, and ideas.

Included in this 252-page book are five complete classic stories, chapters from five great novels, Henry David Thoreau’s radiant essay about Reading, and a list of more than 100 stories and novels that kids love. Also included are three original essays about thinkers who promote “reverence for life”: Mary Shelley, Neil Postman, and Nikos Kazantzakis.

The book’s theme is simple and profound: The prevention and cure for violence in our world is not more violence, it is to show examples of human kindness, and to teach peace.