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The Traveler’s Zenlightenment!


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PDF ebook $ 8.99 This ebook is printable.

This book will soon be available in paperback.

The Travelers Zenlightenment!  by  Michael Pastore

The Traveler's Zenlightenment! by Michael Pastore

The Traveler’s Zenlightenment!
Mind-Opening Insights About Love, Life, and Happiness

by Michael Pastore

Ebook ( PDF )
232 pages (Pocket size, 4.25″ x 6.88″)
ISBN: 978-0927379-14-4
Price: $ 8.99

Here is a feast of wise sayings, electrifying passages, original haiku and remarkable remarks, each one pointing the way to happiness and inner peace. The 400-plus immortal thoughts include more than 50 original never-published-before gems of Eastern wisdom by Hokkumeboshi and Ming Li.

This new edition contains every word and every illustration in its larger-sized big brother, Zenlightenment!
This reprint of the popular handmade edition has harvested rave reviews, including:

The Travelers Zenlightenment!, a sample page from the book

The Traveler's Zenlightenment!, a sample page from the book.

Whenever a man hears it he is young, and Nature is in her Spring.
— Henry David Thoreau

As swift-footed Hermes delivered a copy to Mt. Olympus, uncontrollable laughter arose among the blessed gods.
— Homer

This is more than a book, it is a mirror.
— Hokkumeboshi