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Creative Child Care

Creative Child Care

Preventing and Solving Problems
Without Using Force, Rewards, or Punishments

by Michael Pastore

Nonfiction; 220 pages
ISBN: 9780927379-43-4
Price: $ 20

Child Maintenance is the work of keeping a child in optimum condition: giving the child the physical and emotional nourishment that she needs so that she will be able to love, to learn, to play, to appreciate Nature, and to think soundly. For the health and happiness of children and childhood everywhere, adults need to stop punishing children, and instead discover more life-enhancing and creative methods to connect to kids.

Written for parents, teachers, grandparents — and everyone who works with children — this book offers a lively blend of thought-provoking ideas and practical advice.

• Find responses to misbehavior that are caring and calm
• Give up the cycle of punishing, threatening, and yelling at kids
• Understand what misbehavior is, and why children misbehave
• Transform problems into opportunities that deepen your rapport with the child
• Prevent misbehavior by nourishing the child’s creativity

The book contains 28 chapters, sample problems, and a comprehensive Index.