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Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance


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Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance and Other Tales

Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance & Other Tales

Zen In The Art Of Child Maintenance
and Other Tales

by Michael Pastore

Paperback Book, 114 pages
ISBN: 0-927379-28-7
Price: $ 10.00 (plus shipping)

Meet the kid who has been sent to the principal’s office so many times they had to put in a revolving door. And meet the remarkable young woman who tried to help him.

Zen In The Art Of Child Maintenance is a short comic novelette about the meeting between the extraordinarily beautiful Zenobia Goldbottom (Zen), and the world’s most difficult nine-year-old boy. This captivating story entertains as it vividly and dramatically shows the reader what children need, and how to respond to even the most aggressively-behaving child.

The book also contains Mr. Pastore’s introduction The Secret Of Being With Children; and short pieces including Fudge Unicorns, Chocolate Kangaroos: How To Help The Aggressive Child; and Sunrises and Starry Nights: Sharing The Wonders Of Nature With Kids.

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