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Summer Camp Jobs USA (edition 2010)


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Summer Camp Jobs USA by Zorba Press

Summer Camp Jobs USA by Zorba Press

Summer Camp Jobs USA
How to Find Your Job,
Get Your Job and
Love Your Job

Formats: Paperback, and Ebook (in PDF and EPUB)
The ebook contains all the same content as the 204-page paperback.
30,000 words
Latest Edition: 2010

Summer Camp Jobs USA is packed with detailed information about how to land the best jobs at American summer camps. The book explains how to look for the jobs, how to apply for the jobs, and how to match your unique skills, personality, and interests with the camp that is just right for you.

You’ll also learn about 20 websites that will jumpstart your job search; how to prepare for the job interview; and how to increase your chances for success.The book’s 25 lively chapters provides more than a dozen games kids love to play; advice for preventing homesickness; and a checklist for making your camp sustainable. High-schooI students have a chapter devoted to their job needs; and international staff seeking USA employment will find useful advice.

We think that this may be one of the best bargains in contemporary publishing. The paperback sells for $ 20 — the ebook is only 4 dollars.

Table of Contents

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Our ebook editions come in the formats EPUB and PDF.

Keeping Up With the Latest

Part A: Find Your Job

1] Why Bother? … Why You Should Work at a USA Summer Camp

2] Know Thyself: How to Express The Real You on Paper, Pixels or

3] Paradise: Your Ideal Camp and How to Find It

4] Job Hunting 101: How to Find the Jobs Using the Classic Methods

5] Job-Hunting Super-List: 20 Websites for Finding Summer Camp Jobs

Part B: Get Your Job

6] Luck: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting the Job You Want

7] Pluck: How to Instantly Impress Your Future Employer

8] Be Prepared: How to Plan and Prepare for the Job Interview

9] The Interview: 21 Questions You May Be Asked at a Camp Job

10] Looking Ahead: How to Keep the Job and Benefit From the Job

Part C: Love Your Job — How to Work With Kids

11] Safety First: The ABC’s of Camp Safety

12] First Impressions: How to Play 7 Getting-Acquainted Games

13] Playing Together: 6 Active Outdoor Games Kids Love

14] CapFlag: How to Play Capture the Flag

15] The Deadly Dozen: 12 Common Mistakes in Child Maintenance

16] So Many Tears: How To Manage a Homesick Child

Part D: Go Green:
How to Enjoy Nature and Save the Earth

17] Ecology Lesson: How to Play Fox, Rabbit, Carrot Tag

18] The Value of One Life: a Poem by James Stephens

19] Green Living: A Checklist For Camps and Youth Programs

20] Sunrises and Starry Nights: Sharing the Wonders of Nature With Kids

Part E: Resources for Camp Staff

21] Net Smart: Internet Resources for Camp Staff (and for Everyone Who
Works With Kids)

22] Welcome to America! Jobs and Advice For International Staff

23] Jobs for Teens: Job-Hunting Tips for High-School Students

24] Wise Words: Quotations about Working With Kids

25] Read the Best: 100 Great Novels and Stories For Children


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