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Entangling: Poems by Peacef Pya


Format Price Notes … Buy it Now
Paperback $ 18 154 pages, and 108 poems.
Kindle ebook $ 4.00 108 poems — The ebook contains all the same great content as the paperback.


poems by Peacef Pya

Paperback Book, 153 pages, $ 18
Kindle Ebook, $ 4.00
2017 March 18
Published by Zorba Press

Entangling: Poems by Peacef Pya is a garden of timeless poems about the beauties, the mysteries, and the struggles within the human heart and soul. Each of the book’s 108 poems is a unique gem, radiant with wonder and delight. The captured moments are memorable, the images are striking, the language is direct and fresh. Pya believes that poetry heals wounds, and poets whisper to fallen birds to tell them, “You can fly!” Poems nourish the human soul, nestle on the twisted corner of the lips of lovers, and make the frozen waters of a human heart rush like powerful waterfalls and then plunge into oceans of hope and love.

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About the Author, Peacef Pya

The Turkish poet Peacef Pya writes fluently in two languages: Turkish and English. She studied translation and interpretation in three languages (Turkish, English and French), and she has an M.A. in teaching English. For 15 years, Pya has been teaching English at a leading university in Turkey. Currently, she is editing her second book of poems.

About Naoto Hattori, Artist

Thanks to the extraordinary artist Naoto Hattori, for his fantastic image “Mind Form 3″, that appears on the book cover.
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Worldwide: Where to Find the Book and Ebook