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How to Buy Zorba’s Books and Ebooks

Each of our publications has its own web page.
To buy the book or ebook, begin by visiting the book’s web page on our website.

To see a list of all our books and ebooks, click here.

Zorba’s Paperback Books

During the Summer and Fall of 2011, we will be making all our paperback books available for sale at the website.
A few of our backlist paperbacks are available direct from Zorba Press.

Zorba’s Ebooks

You can buy our ebooks from this Zorba Press web site using PayPal or your credit card: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

From the ebook’s web page, click the button that says “Click Here to Buy” and then fill out the information needed to process your order.

At any time before you place your order, you can continue shopping for more items; remove items from your cart; or change the quantity of items in the cart.

When you buy an ebook or a downloadable work from Zorba, you get immediate access to the work. .

After paying, you will receive a confirmation email, and an email that provides a link (or links) for downloading your ebook(s).

How to Contact Zorba Press

Have questions or comments? …. Please feel welcome to contact us by using our Contact Form.