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All Zorba’s Books, Ebooks and DVDs

Here is table of all our publications: paperback books, ebooks, and audiobooks and films on DVDs.

For more information about each work, click on the More … link in the last column that says: Web Page.

Title and SubtitleAuthorISBNWord CountFormatsPrice Web Page
50 Benefits of Ebooks:
A Thinking Person's Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution (2010)
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-17-5

Ebook in formats EPUB or PDF
$ 20

$ 3.99
More ...
Adventures of Mr Marigold, The
(tragi-comic novel)
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-20-5
Kindle ebook
$ 30
$ 9.99
More ...
Am I A Holocaust Survivor?
(a memoir)
Dorothee Krahn--Paperback
PDF ebook
$ 15
$  8
More ...
Ashley Montagu and the PoetMichael PastoreTBA60 minutes of audioAudio book on DVD$ 8More ...
(fiction and non-fiction)
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-22-9
Paperback$ 20More ...
Central Park: A conversation in Three Acts.
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-25-0
-Paperback$ 20More ...
CEOs' Leadership & Global Insights
Greek entrepreneurship resilient to crisis
Edited by:

Theodoros Katerinakis

Maria Hnaraki
978-0-927379-13-7DVDMore ...
Christmas Carol, A
(and Other Stories)
Charles Dickens978-0927379-86-1

PDF ebook
$ 20
$  4
More ...
Communal Mind and the Master Artifice, The
Helen Sullivan
edited by Amy Mims
978-0927379-92-2EPUB ebook

Kindle ebook
$ 8

$ 7.99
More ...
Creative Child Care
Preventing and Solving Problems Without Using Force, Rewards, or Punishments
Michael Pastore9780927379-43-4Paperback$ 20More ...
Dynamite Counselors Don't Explode!
A Complete Survival Course for
for Child-Care Workers and Camp Counselors
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-64-9
-Paperback$ 10More ...
Poems by Peacef Pya
Peacef Pya978-0-927379-93-9
153 pages
5.25" x 8"
Kindle ebook
$ 18
$ 4
More ...
God's Country: The New Zealand FactorMichael Tobias and Jane Morrison978-0-927379-99-1-PDF ebookFreeMore ...
Ideal Algebra
Michael Tobias9780927379595Paperback$ 18More ...
Instant Drama:
How to Lead Improvisational Drama Games With Kids
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-50-2
-PDF ebook$ 6More ...
Ithaca Manual of Style, The:
Writing Fiction and Nonfiction that is Clear, Concise, and Captivating
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-06-9-Paperback

$ 18
More ...
Job of Writing, The:
Rae Foley on Writing
Elinore Denniston
(a.k.a. Rae Foley)
-Paperback$ 26More ...
Kazantzakis, a film by Michael TobiasMichael Tobias, producer, writer and director978-0-927379-39-7DVD (film on DVD)$ 10More ...
Kids Play Games:
101 Active Games for Cool Kids
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-03-8

PDF ebook
$ 18

$  8.99
More ...
Lark's Magic
(comic novel for children)
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-07-6

PDF ebook
$ 18

$  7.99
More ...
Misadventures of Pinocchio, The
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-26-7
-PDF ebook$ 8.99More ...
MY LIFE ON THE RAGGED PATHS OF PAN — Selected Poems and Translations of Thanasis Maskaleris.
Thanasis Maskaleris9780927379-85-4Paperback$ 20More
My Village Varvitsa and its Hero Capetan ZachariasStanley Matthews978-0-927379-30-4PaperbackTBAMore ...
New Techniques in Child Maintenance:
Teach Your Children Without
Force, Rewards, or Punishments
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-10-6

PDF ebook
$ 18

$  8.99
More ...
Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-29-8

Kindle ebook
$ 36

$ 6.99
More ...
Sappho at the Edge of Love:
Poems by Michael Pastore
Michael Pastore978-0927379-18-2Paperback$ 15More ...
Siddhartha (bi-lingual edition
in German and English)
Hermann Hesse--PDF Ebook$ 5More ...
Sing In Me, Muse, and Through Me Tell the Story: Greek Culture Performed
Maria Hnaraki978-0927379-16-8Paperback
TBAMore ...
Strange Life & Disappearance of English Milligrams, The
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-31-1
-Paperback$ 20More ...
Summer Camp Jobs USA (edition 2010):
How to Find Your Job, Get Your Job
and Love Your Job
Zorba Press978-0-927379-79-3*

Ebook bundle (includes PDF and EPUB ebooks)
$ 20

$ 4.00
More ...
Summer Camp Jobs USA (edition LITE)Zorba Press--PDF ebookFREEMore ...
Teaching Kindness and Peace:
How Stories Can Cultivate Creativity
and Prevent Violence
Michael Pastore (ed.)978-0-927379-33-5

PDF ebook
$ 20

$ 6
More ...
Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis, TheNikos Kazantzakis and Thanasis Maskaleris 978-0927379-97-7-Paperback

PDF ebook
$ 20

$ 7.99
More ...
Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis, The ... Bilingual editionNikos Kazantzakis and Thanasis Maskaleris9780927379663
Paperback$ 25More ...
37 Summers
My Years As A Camp Director
Arthur Sharenow978-0-927379-37-3127,000Paperback

$ 20

$ 7.99
More ...

Thoreau Bound:
A Utopian Romance in the Isles of Greece
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-68-7-Paperback

PDF ebook
EPUB ebook
Kindle ebook
$ 20 (paperback)

$ 7.99 (PDF ebook)

More ...
Traveler's Zenlightenment!, The:
Mind-Opening Insights About
Love, Life, and Happiness
Michael Pastore978-0927379-14-4

PDF ebook
$ 18

$  8.99
More ...
21st Century Solitude
Michael Tobias978-0-927379-21-2
PDF ebook
$ 20
$ 8.99
More ...
Ugly Answer Book, The:
Brief Answers to You're Ugly
and Your Mother Dresses You Funny
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-95-3
-Paperback$ 18More ...
Writing With The Muses
Brenda Ueland Teaches How to Write with Sincerity and Passion
Brenda Ueland
Michael Pastore
You're Ugly and Your Mother Dresses You Funny:
101 Problems in Child Maintenance
for Everyone Who Works With Kids
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-96-0
-Paperback$ 15More ...
Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance
and Other Tales (fiction)
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-28-1
-Paperback$ 10.00More ...
Mind-Opening Insights
About Love, Life, and Happiness
Michael Pastore978-0-927379-09-0

PDF ebook
$ 15

More ...
Zorba Anthology of Love Stories, The
Michael Pastore (ed.)978-0-927379-08-3

PDF ebook
$ 20

$  7.99
More ...


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