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Zorba’s Advice to New Authors

Zorba’s Advice to New Authors

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Write Your Book Before You Think About Publishing

Write a good book.
Don’t think about publishing your book until your book has been written, and it is the best book that you can write.
As a writer and as a human being, be unique.
Be a person who has love in your heart, not hate in your heart. If you can love very deeply, then the words you write will touch the hearts of other human beings.

After you have written your book, then
Start with “A” below; if “A” fails then you can try “B”.
Read below for information about:
A. How to Find a publisher or a literary agent.
B. How to Publish the (paperback) book yourself.
C. How to Publish your book as an ebook.
D. Additional Ideas and Resources

A: How To Find A Publisher or a Literary Agent

Since publishers rarely bother to look at manuscripts from unpublished authors, all
inquiries must go through literary agents. Thus, your goal is to find a
literary agent who will become wildly enthusiastic about your book,
and then sell it to the highest bidder (a publishing company) in New York City.

1. Go to the website of the AAR — literary agents who agree to a
strict code of ethics –

2. Search through the list and find all the AAR agents who are
interested in the genre of books related to your book.

3. Write an AMAZING cover letter, describing your book — then rip it
up and write a better one.

4. Send the letter to all the agents that handle your kind of book.

5. If anyone responds, follow their request precisely: for example, if
they say “Send me the first 10 pages”, then resist the temptation to
send more.

In general, be very careful to avoid the countless publishing scams,
where writers end up paying “publishers” or “agents” for various

Now if nothing happens — if nobody replies, there is still …

B: How To Publish the book yourself.

If you find a literary agent and then a publisher, you will get a cash
advance, and other benefits. But if not, then self-publishing will at
least make your book available.

Go to Lulu

or go to CreateSpace

and then explore the websites.

With either of these companies, you can publish the book for no cost
to you: except for the copies that you buy, and the cost of shipping
the books to you.

This is called publishing by P.O.D., print on demand.

C: How To Publish your book as an ebook.

More information will be posted here at a future date.

D. Additional Ideas and Resources

1. Persistence ! is the key — and learn as much as you can — there are
books, articles, etc.

2. Be sure to avoid the countless scams in this field: don’t get involved
with any so-called publisher, literary agent, or editor who wants to
you to pay them.

3. Visit this Zorba Press web page with useful links for authors and publishers: