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Favorite Books

This page is a paradise for book lovers! Here you will find lists of favorite books, by Michael Pastore, Henry Miller, Colin Wilson, Art Garfunkel, the editors of The Guardian, Project Gutenberg — and more to come.

Michael Pastore: Favorite Books for Adults

Michael Pastore: Favorite Books for Children (and for adults)

Henry Miller: “The 100 Books that Influenced Me Most” (from “The Books in My Life”)

Henry Miller: “Books I Still Intend to Read” (from “The Books in My Life”)

Colin Wilson: From “The Books in My Life” (same title as the book by Henry Miller)

Coming Soon!

Art Garfunkel: Favorite Books

The Guardian: 1000 Novels Everyone Must Read

The Guardian: 100 Best Books: Fiction


The Guardian: 100 Best Books: Non-Fiction

Project Gutenberg Selections

Project Gutenberg Top 100

Project Gutenberg Best Books Ever (Bookshelf)

Harvard Classics (Booksehelf)

NPR Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

Martin Seymour-Smith: The 100 Most Influential Books Ever Written

World Library: 100 Best Books of All Time

Modern Library: 100 Best Novels

Modern Library: 100 Best Nonfiction Books

Le Monde: 100 Books of the Century

Time Magazine: All Time 100 Best Nonfiction Books,28757,2088856,00.html