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Zorba Press FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Zorba Press is an independent publisher of books, ebooks, and audiobooks.
We publish novels for adults and children; and non-fiction books about these themes: the sustainable society, Love and happiness, creativity, writing, technology (benefits and dangers), and working with children without using force or punishments.

How many titles have you published? … Where is a list of your books and ebooks?

We currently have 32 titles “in print” — paperbacks and ebooks. We plan to release at least 20 more titles before the end of 2015.

You can find a list of our current titles by visiting our Books page.

How can I buy your books ?

Many of our books are for sale on; others can be purchased from links on the book’s web page on the Zorba Press website (You Are here).
Each of our publications has its own web page. At the top of these web pages, you can click the links or buttons to buy the book.

In addition to the ebook formats, most of our works are will soon be available as paperbacks.

You can buy our ebooks and books with a credit card or your PayPal account.

Who are your authors?

Read about our authors:

How can I read your ebooks?

Very easily. Our ebooks are in the PDF format, and some are available in EPUB in addition to the PDF.

For more information, see Zorba’s Ebook FAQ.

How can I contact you?

Please use our contact form.

Can I send you my manuscript?

No, thank you. You can tell us about yourself and about your book, using our Contact Form. If we are interested in your book, we will reply.

We wish we could say “Yes!” to every one; we know how difficult it is to be an author in these times. If your goal is to make piles of money with your writing, a small press is probably not the best choice for you. Find an agent; or see our essay about publishing: the link to that essay appears below.

I have already sent you my manuscript or book. Can you return it to me ?

Just send us a self-addressed stamped mailing envelope. For priority shipping, send a priority envelope with the postage included.
Send to:
Zorba Press
209 E. Jay St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Can you give me advice about getting my book published?

How NOT to get published is the first thing you’ll need to know. Avoid writing scams: do NOT pay a “literary agent” or a “publishing company” to publish your work. It is reasonable, however, to pay a printing company — such as — to print your books.

For advice about How to Get Published, and advice about Independent Publishing, read our essay at Epublishers Weekly.

We are planning to post a list of resources for writers on this site. [ List of Writing Resources coming soon ]

What can I do until I find a publisher ?

Keep on writing; stay healthy, be happy, take care of your family and your friends.