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Sustainable Publishing

poster "Care for your Home" by Zorba Press

Care For Your Home: 7 Billion Human Beings Live Here

The Four Principles of Sustainable Publishing

At Zorba Press, we practice and promote Sustainable Publishing.
Sustainable Publishing (a term coined by Michael Pastore) — publishing with a greater sense of awareness and responsibility — is an attempt to bring to the work of publishing a healthy balance between four essential elements: Culture, Environment, Technology and Commerce.

  1. Sustainable Publishers consider Culture: How to promote literacy, and the reading and discussion of books that matter.
  2. Sustainable Publishers consider the Environment: we understand the enormous impact of print publishing on trees and other resources. We produce and promote ebooks; and our paperbacks are published by print-on-demand.
  3. Sustainable Publishers consider Technology: how its unintended consequences can harm us, and how humanized technology can bring us genuine benefits.
  4. Sustainable Publishers consider Commerce: we give a significant share of the work’s profits to the author and/or creators of the work. In addition to increased royalties and full copyright ownership (by the author), other aspects of the publishing agreement between Author and Publisher can be designed to be thoroughly Author-friendly.