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Turkish Language, Culture & Literature

Mount Olympos, Turkey; Photo: C.C. 1.0 Share Alike License; Poster by MP

Mount Olympos, Turkey; Photo: C.C. 1.0 Share Alike License; Poster by MP

One thousand and one thanks to Aylin Yavas (PhDc) – the excellent translator, interpreter, and teacher of English and Turkish – for providing me with many of these links.
— M.P.
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Translation Online

Turkish to English —

English to Turkish —|tr|

Turkish-English and English-Turkish Dictionaries Online




Sites for Learning Turkish

Turkish http://www.turkishclass,com/

Turkish (Greetings and Common Expressions)

Learn Turkish: A Free Course

Traveller’s Point Turkish Phrase Book



Online Turkish

Teaching Turkish to Foreigners by Dr. Hale Işık-Güler

Turkish Culture

Turkish Cultural Center of Ithaca

Raindrop Turkish House

Your Keyboard Can Type the Turkish Alphabet


Activate the Turkish Keyboard:

Film: Crossing the Bridge – The Sound of Istanbul (English subtitles).

Watch the entire film, free:
Thanks to Cornelius Adelante for the link to this fine film.

Turkish Music: Turkey on International Night by Ezgi, Aylin, Adem

Photos: Turkey on International Night!/photo.php?pid=4059686&id=755466848

FSI Language Courses: Basic Turkish

Little Known Facts About Turkey (FaceBook Group)

Who Are The Turks?

Turkish Resources for Students (from NYU)

Modern Turkish (University of Michigan)

Association of Teachers of Turkish (many resources to study and practice Turkish)

Turkish Tutor (UCLA)

TRT: Turkish Radio-Television Corporation (live TRT tv and radio channels)

Turkish Music: Radyo Vatan

Turkish Folk Music and Turkish Traditional Music

The Turkish Alphabet (thanks to WikiPedia)

The Turkish Alphabet (thanks to WikiPedia)

Turkish Language (Wikipedia)

Turkish Language Links (Open Directory)

Turkish Language Online Dictionaries (Open Directory)

Turkish at Cornell (FaceBook Group)

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Turkish Alphabet

Turkish Alphabet Song (YouTube Video)

YouTube Channel: Learning Turkish Channel

Turkish Proverbs

Turkish Language WikiBook

Learning Turkish

Turkish Tales (free ebook from Project Gutenberg)

Gulsin Onay (pianist)

Web Site in Turkish and English

Orhan Pamuk (novelist): Interview on KCRW

Part 1:
Part 2:

Elif Shafak (novelist)

Web Site in Turkish and English

Poster: Work is Love Made Visible. Photo by Armağan Erdem Ütük. Poster by Michael Pastore

Photo by Armağan Erdem Ütük. Poster by Michael Pastore.

Aylin Yavas (blog)

Aylin Yavas — Passion Presentation: Love

Turkish Food and Recipes (all in the Turkish language)

Turkish Cultural Foundation

Nazim Hikmet Poetry Festival

Fire of Anatolia (dance company)

Muammer Ketencoglu (accordion music)
Ayde Mori (YouTube video)
Ayde Mori (FaceBook page)

Linux, in Turkish

My friend, Linux expert Cornelius Adelante, writes: “Pardus is an excellent Turkish Linux distribution funded and developed by the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey.”

Turkish Keyboard App for iPad

This app lets you type the characters in the Turkish alphabet, on the iPad, and then you can email your Turkish-language message.