Coming Soon

Coming soon from Zorba Press …

Fiction and Poetry

  • The Summer Camp Uprising by Arthur Sharenow (just published ! )
  • 12 Steps Behind No One … poems by Francesca Biller … ZP web page
  • Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance by Michael Pastore
  • My Syrian Lover in Paris by Rosita Ferrato
  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (bilingual edition in German and English)
  • Siddhartha and Kamala by Michael Pastore
  • The Alchemistress by Paul Ocello

Nonfiction Books

  • Kids Play Games … ISBN: 9780927379458
  • Instant Drama
  • If You Want to Write, Write from the Heart
  • Aspects of the Future Novel
  • Brisk Management
  • Zenlightenment Series
    • Zenlightenment for Lovers
    • Zenlightenment for Travelers
  • Dorothee Einstein Krahn: Am I a Holocaust Survivor?
  • 100 Benefits of Ebooks: A Thinking Person’s Guide to the Digital Reading Revolution

Video / Films

  • Kazantzakis: A Film by Michael Tobias (coming as a digital download)