Zorba Press Team

Michael Pastore, Publisher

Michael Pastore — Zorba Press’s Publisher and Zorba Media’s CEO — is a novelist and a poet. He has traveled extensively — always by bicycle, often sleeping under the stars — in the USA, Europe, Turkey, and Greece. His more than 20 books include Thoreau Bound: a Utopian Romance in the Isles of Greece; Lark’s Magic; Zen in the Art of Child Maintenance; Zenlightenment; The Zorba Anthology of Love Stories; Child Maintenance; The Ithaca Manual of Style; Siddhartha and Kamala; Teaching Kindness and Peace, and Sappho at the Edge of Love: 100 poems by Michael Pastore. In the counter-cultured city of Ithaca, New York, Pastore lives in a small house amidst 10,000 of the world’s best books.

Eva Sofianou, Editor

Editor and avid book lover. Main studies: Greek Philology (Department of Linguistics) and English Language. Working experience: teaching foreign languages; proofreading, copyediting, content research, commentaries, artistic design/curation for publications; copywriting for books, brochures, catalogues, and websites; publishing/editing works in ancient or modern Greek, Latin, English and other European languages; translations and translation editing; secretarial administration; events of academic interest (e.g., conferences) and proceedings; training university students who wish to work in publishing. Since 2012 she has worked on various important projects for Zorba Press.