The Secret Island Lost in Time

a novel by Arthur Sharenow

Paperback, 242 pages.
ISBN: 9780927379571
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The Secret Island Lost in Time is about a family’s summer vacation that turns into a mythical odyssey, pushing them all beyond the limits of their reality and into a fantastic adventure. John Johnson has a vision of a very special island off the coast of Maine that no one seems to have ever seen or heard of. Yet, driven by an obsession he can’t explain, he leads his young family to Maine where they eventually discover the hidden spot, Getaway Island.

On the surface, the island seems to be a paradise filled with happy inhabitants who have been waiting for the Johnsons. Seduced by the pleasures of the island, the family eventually come to realize that they are trapped and that, once there, no one has ever left the island. This sets the Johnsons off on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to plot their escape and survive extreme circumstances, and plenty of unexpected twists and turns. The stakes and tension build to a shocking ending that is sure to surprise and please lovers of great adventure stories.

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About the Author
The author, Arthur Sharenow, is a storyteller. For most of his life he spent summers in what he considered his own Shangri-La, a children’s summer camp, which he ultimately directed for nearly four decades. As a camp director his love of stories was reflected in his creation of Special Events, most of which asked more of his campers’ imagination than it did physical ability.

After his retirement from camp, Arthur turned to writing. His 37 Summers was an entertaining anecdotal recreation of his years as a camp director. Next came his novel, Summer Camp Uprising, where he took his readers into the minds of three characters, all of whom had their own idea of how to run a summer camp. He describes his latest novel, The Secret Island Lost in Time, as a new world of adventure filled with surprises both for his characters and for the readers.

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