101 Answers in Child Maintenance

101 Answers in Child Maintenance

Answer Guide to 101 Problems in Child Maintenance
by Michael Pastore

Paperback, 160 pages
ISBN: 9780927379410

101 Answers in Child Maintenance contains no questions, but all the brief answers to our paperback book 101 Problems in Child Maintenance.

These two books help parents, teachers — and everyone who works with children — to cultivate positive, caring, and creative relationships with their energetic kids.

For each of the 101 answers, this book contains:

◆ Brief and insightful Ideas and Strategy.
◆ The type of problematic behavior (which gives clues about how to resolve it).
◆ W.H.I.R.L. (What Happened in Real Life) – how the caring grownups actually responded in these situations.

Also included are resources for discovering your own solutions, including a glossary of Key Ideas in Child Maintenance, inspiring quotations, and our 6-Step Caring Strategy.101 Answers in Child Maintenance continues our series of books explaining how to work and play with kids without using force, without rewards, and without punishments.