Child Maintenance

Child Maintenance

How to Respond to Misbehavior without Force, Rewards, or Punishments
by Michael Pastore

Paperback, 220 pages, $18.00
ISBN: 9780927379434

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Child Maintenance is the art, and the loving work, of keeping a child in optimum physical and mental health. The goal of Child Maintenance is to nurture happy, resilient children: kids who are able to play, to appreciate Nature, to create, to love life, and to love learning.

Written for parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors, psychologists — and everyone who works with children — this book offers a lively blend of sound ideas and practical advice.

This book will help you to:

Find responses to misbehavior that are caring & calm.
Give up the negative never-ending cycle of punishing, threatening, and yelling at kids.
Understand what misbehavior is, and why children misbehave.
Prevent misbehavior by encouraging active play, and nourishing the child’s creativity.
Transform problems into opportunities that teach the child the essential skills of resilience and self-reliance.