Instant Drama

Instant Drama
a funny book of Drama Games and Writing Games for Creative Children
(4th Edition)
by Michael Pastore

Paperback, 240 pages, $14.00
Fits in your pocket! size 4″ x 6″
ISBN: 9780927379441

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Instant Drama answers the question:
What activity do kids love that requires no equipment, can be played anywhere with any number of children, and develops children’s creativity and imagination? … Instant Drama! … Instant Drama is drama spontaneous and unrehearsed. The stage is everywhere, the playwright is your wildest imagination, the script is always interesting and new.
This pocket-sized paperback (4″ x 6″) , Instant Drama, contains everything you need to begin leading improvisational drama games with kids. 100 scenarios are included. Our wild original scenarios — Fun and Funny Scenes, Fantasy Scenes, Adult’s Life Scenarios — let you begin playing as soon as you open book. Additional scenarios have been adapted from the world’s finest stories and novels, for children and grown-ups. The book concludes with a chapter about how to create your own scenarios, for acting out and for writing.