Kids Play Games

Kids Play Games

101 Active Games for Happy Children
(3rd Edition)
by Michael Pastore

Paperback, 200 pages, $20.00
ISBN: 9780927379458

Hardcover, 200 pages, $ TBA
ISBN: 9780927379-TBA

Kids Play Games contains 101 active games for kids ages 6 through 17, and for supple-bodied grownups who are young at heart. The book’s philosophy is simple: Children learn by playing, and the essence of childhood is active and imaginative play.

The games are organized into 6 groups: SuperFun Games; Ball Games; Running and Chasing Games; Tag Games; Street and Schoolyard Games; and Future Games. Clear instructions for classic games are included, from Prisoner’s Base, to our upgraded version of Capture the Flag. The book’s 45 orginal games (invented or thoroughly transformed by the author) are published here for the first time. 

This new 3rd Edition of the book contains 14 original “Future Games” — games where learning is combined with the natural joy of playing. Some of these Future Games are Climate Change Chase, Space Chase, and Poets and Dreamers Tag.

Four indexes help you to quickly find the ideal games for your kids.