Summer Camp Jobs USA

Summer Camp Jobs USA (2023)

Summer Camp Jobs USA

Find Your Job, Get Your Job, Love Your Job
by Michael Pastore

5″ x 8″, 160 pages
Paperback, Edition 3 (2023): $ 14.00
ISBN: 9780927379625
Price (paperback): $ 14.00
Price (Kindle ebook): $ 5.00

Summer Camp Jobs USA is packed with detailed information about how to land the best jobs at summer camps in the USA.

This book explains:

  • Where to look for the jobs
  • How to apply for the jobs, and
  • How to match your unique skills and interests with the ideal camp that is just right for you.

You’ll also learn how to study for the job interview, and how to increase your chances for job-getting success.

The book’s 26 lively chapters prepare you for camp with outdoor games kids love to play; games indoors for rainy days; advice for preventing homesickness; and a checklist for making your camp sustainable and green.

Teenagers get a chapter about their job needs; and international staff seeking USA employment will find a cornucopia of useful tips, strategies, and sound advice.