Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard

Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard
A novel by Michael Tobias

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ISBN: 9780927379298

Set in the eternal present day, a Scottish lad, raised in a crumbling castle between the Grampian Mountains and the sea, is caught up in a family drama that launches his search for an elusive, even mythical uncle. That man, the ageless, princely explorer and scientist, Professor Parrot, lives with hundreds of rescued animals from every continent. When the boy manages to locate the Professor, it is only to learn that a dangerous expedition is about to get underway, and he is now part of that improbable odyssey. The mission is nothing less than a journey that – if successful – will liberate animals throughout the world, and just in time. The stakes could not be higher as mass extinctions have been unleashed to the north, west, east and south. From a Never-never land in northern Europe, a place off any known map, to the International Court of Justice in the Hague – the adventure of this motley crew of idealists led by the eccentric, brilliant Professor, is astonishing – both in its humorous and provocative insights about the emotional and intellectual lives of countless animals with huge personalities, as well as being a thoroughly delightful wake-up call to the children in all of us. Adorned by magnificent and original artwork produced expressly for this novel by the deeply lyrical, observant and spiritual artist, Adonna Khare, this is a book that readers everywhere will cherish and most likely place under their pillows for safekeeping.

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About the Author, Michael Tobias

Michael Charles Tobias is the author of 45 books and several hundred essays, in addition to having written, directed and produced nearly 150 films. An ecologist, mountaineer, explorer, anthropologist and historian, his field research has taken him to some 80 countries where his passion for animal liberation, non-violence activism and zoosemiotic cybernetics, has resulted in his uniquely quirky approach to what he calls “pragmatic idealism” – in the tradition of Parmenides, Ovid, Cervantes, Milton, Shelley, Joyce, Hugh Lofting, Jean-Paul Sartre and Samuel Beckett. “Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard” is very much a sequel to Tobias’ 1836-page illustrated epic, “The Adventures of Mr. Marigold.” Tobias lives with his life-long partner and wife, the ecologist, author, filmmaker and philanthropist, Jane Gray Morrison.

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About the Illustrator, Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare received her MFA from California State University, Long Beach, receiving the distinguished achievement in creative activity award and the Werby Scholarship. Her exhibition career has included shows in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Selected works have been acquired by prestigious private collections around the world as well as permanent museum collections. She lives with her husband, daughter, horse, two dogs and cat.
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