Poetry and Writing

Zorba Press Books about Poetry and Writing
  1. Entangling: Poems by Peacef Pya … by Peacef Pya … (poetry)
  2. The Ithaca Manual of Style: : Writing Fiction and Nonfiction That Is Clear, Concise, and Captivating … by Michael Pastore (nonfiction: writing)
  3. My Life on the Ragged Paths of Pan … by Thanasis Maskaleris … (poetry and translations)
  4. Sappho at the Edge of Love: 100 Poems by Michael Pastore … by Michael Pastore … (poetry)
  5. Zenlightenment: Mind-Opening Insights About Love, Life, and Happiness … by Michael Pastore (anthology of wise quotes, poems, and passages)
  6. If You Want to Write, Write from the Heart (nonfiction: writing. Coming in 2021)