Formats Available

Here is a list of our books and the formats available.
This is also a road map for the future, to inspire us to make all the books in all the formats.

Zorba Press Book TitlePaperback KDPEbook KindleHardcoverEbook PDF from the
Zorba Press Store
Instant Drama(4th Edition)
Kids Play Games (3rd Edition)
Brisk Management (3rd Edition)
Camp Counselor Smart Guide
The Summer Camp Uprising9780927379-526
Child Maintenance9780927379-434
101 Problems in Child Maintenance9780927379-380
101 Answers in Child Maintenance9780927379-410
Summer Camp Jobs USA ... Edition 30978092379-625
Sappho at the Edge of Love9780927379-182
Mind-Opening Insights About Love, Life, and Happiness
Thoreau Bound9780927379-687
Lark’s Magic9780927379-076
Adventures of Mr Marigold, The9780927379-205
Central Park: A Conversation in Three Acts9780927379-250
Ideal Algebra9780927379-595
The Misadventures of Pinocchio9780927379-267
Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard9780927379-298
The Strange Life and Disappearance of English Milligrams9780927379-311
21st Century Solitude9780927379-212
Zorba Anthology of Love Stories, The9780927379-083
My Life on the Ragged Paths of Pan9780927379-854
The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis (English)9780927379-120
The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis (bilingual)9780927379-663
The Ithaca Manual of Style9780927379-069
Teaching Kindness and Peace9780927379-335
Sing in Me Muse, and Through Me Tell the Story:
Greek Culture Performed
Ritsos of the Iconostasis9780927379-670
37 Summers9780927379-373
The Communal Mind and the Master Artifice