Formats Available

Here is a list of our books and the formats available.
This is also a road map for the future, to inspire us to make all the books in all the formats.

Zorba Press Book TitlePaperback KDPEbook KindleHardcoverPaperback B&N/LSAudiobook
Camp Counselor Smart Guide
The Summer Camp Uprising9780927379-526
Kids Play GamesTBA
Child Maintenance9780927379-434
101 Problems in Child Maintenance9780927379-380
101 Answers in Child Maintenance9780927379-410
Summer Camp Jobs USA0978092379-472
Sappho at the Edge of Love9780927379-182
Mind-Opening Insights About Love, Life, and Happiness
Thoreau Bound9780927379-687
Lark’s Magic9780927379-076
Adventures of Mr Marigold, The9780927379-205
Central Park: A Conversation in Three Acts9780927379-250
Ideal Algebra9780927379-595
The Misadventures of Pinocchio9780927379-267
Professor Parrot and the Secret of the Blue Cupboard9780927379-298
The Strange Life and Disappearance of English Milligrams9780927379-311
21st Century Solitude9780927379-212
Zorba Anthology of Love Stories, The9780927379-083
My Life on the Ragged Paths of Pan9780927379-854
The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis (English)9780927379-120
The Terrestrial Gospel of Nikos Kazantzakis (bilingual)9780927379-663
The Ithaca Manual of Style9780927379-069
Teaching Kindness and Peace9780927379-335
Sing in Me Muse, and Through Me Tell the Story:
Greek Culture Performed
Ritsos of the Iconostasis9780927379-670
37 Summers9780927379-373
The Communal Mind and the Master Artifice