News Release 2023 March 16

For Immediate Release
March 16, 2023
Contact: Michael Pastore

Two New Books: About the 1.5 Million Jobs at USA Summer Camps and 101 Games for Kids

Comprehensive Guide for Job-Seekers and Summer Camp Staff

ITHACA, New York — Zorba Press has published two books for job-seekers and summer camp staff, and everyone who works with children.

Summer Camp Jobs USA: Find Your Job, Get Your Job, Love Your Job — is available in paperback (160 pages, $ 14) and ebook ($ 5). Summer Camp Jobs USAupdated for 2023! — is a complete guide to finding and landing the best jobs at American summer camps. Written for job-seekers in the USA and other countries, the book explains how to look for the job, apply for the job, and then shine like a star at the employment interview — whether that interview is in-person or online. The book’s 26 brisk chapters give you games to play with the kids, and a cornucopia of useful tips, and sound advice. Using this book, your chances of getting a camp job are excellent — and especially because every year more than 1.5 million (1,500,000) persons are hired to work in America’s 12,000 summer camps !

Kids Play Games: 101 Active Games for Happy Children — is available in paperback (200 pages, $20). Kids Play Games contains 101 active games for kids ages 6 through 17, and for supple-bodied grownups who are young at heart. The book’s philosophy is simple: Children learn by playing, and the essence of childhood is active and imaginative play. The games are organized into 6 groups: SuperFun Games; Ball Games; Running and Chasing Games; Tag Games; Street and Schoolyard Games; and Future Games. Clear instructions for classic games are included, from Prisoner’s Base, to our upgraded version of Capture the Flag. This 3rd Edition (March 2023) features 45 original games (invented or thoroughly transformed by the author) are published here for the first time. This new 3rd Edition of the book contains 14 original “Future Games” — games where learning is combined with the natural joy of playing. Some of these Future Games are Climate Change Chase, Space Chase, and Poets and Dreamers Tag. Four indexes help you to quickly find the ideal games for your kids.

Both books are available for immediate purchase at, and were written by the Ithacan Michael Pastore. Pastore is well-known as the Founder/President of the Ithaca Chess Club, and as the lighthearted List Owner/Manager of the Fall Creek Neighborhood discussion list, that creates a close-knit virtual community. Yet he is serious about the value of summer camp. Pastore said: “I have worked at just about every job at USA summer camps: as a counselor, junior counselor, kitchen staff, program specialist, head counselor, assistant Director, and (ACA-accredited) Camp Director. A good camp is not only safe and fun, it is also a magical place. Camp is a social experiment in group living, that inspires children to appreciate nature, to develop empathy and compassion for other persons, and to enhance the child’s psychological happiness and resilience.”

Pastore has also written and published poems and novels, and an unconventional book about excellence in writing: The Ithaca Manual of Style.

Each of the new books comes with its own companion website, containing book updates, camp-related news, and additional resources:
Summer Camp Jobs USA
Camp Counselor Smart Guide
Kids Play Games

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