Marine Mammal Memory Game

The Charismatic Marine Mammal Memory Game
by Michael Pastore

From the novel Lark’s Magic.

  • Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate!
  • Train your memory, exercise your brain, focus your attention, and build your powers of concentration with this hilarious game.

How To Play

Player A reads sentence number 1,
and then Player B (and/or other players) must repeat that sentence.
Then Player A reads sentence number 2, and Player B must repeat it.

In the advanced version of this game, the Player B must repeat all the previous sentences!
For example, after Player A reads sentence number 4, then Player B must remember and repeat sentences 1, 2, 3, and 4.

The Ten Silly Sentences

  1. One charismatic marine mammal.
  2. Two sea otters, odder than the sea.
  3. Three diligent dugongs, doing what dugongs do.
  4. Four polar bears, who never tasted honey, pretending not to be megafauna.
  5. Five wallowing walruses, all grandfathers, scaling walls of roses with their ivory tusks.
  6. Six porpoises with purposes, transcendentally inclined, each taking a road less traveled on.
    book cover of the novel Lark’s Magic
    Book cover of the novel Lark’s Magic
  7. Seven seals watching “The Seventh Seal,” a darkly luminescent revelation of the soul’s unexplorable deeps.
  8. Eight glimmering dolphins, smarter than we know, streaking around Greek islands, lithe like licorice sticks, twisting through the wine-dark sea.
  9. Nine unendangered whales — some Fin some Right some Humpback some Bowhead some Blue — singing for their supper (“I found my krill, on Blueberry Hill!”), joyful to be safe at last from the mad Ahabs and the blubbermongers’ bottomless greed.
  10. Ten marvelous manatees, munching water hyacinths in a bloop-free zone, hardly oviparous, laughing often and much, chirping as they float, floating as they chirp, sacred sea angels saving sinking swimmers, gentle reminders of the brotherhood of all beings great and small.