Sustainable Publishing

The Four Principles of Sustainable Publishing

Sustainable Publishing (a term coined by Michael Pastore) aims to raise awareness and responsibility in the publishing field, through an attempt to achieve a healthy balance between four essential elements: Culture, Commerce, Environment, Technology. Therefore, Zorba Press endorses the following principles:

  1. Sustainable Publishers consider Culture:  Exploring ways to promote literacy, book reading and discussion on books and ideas that can transform our culture.
  2. Sustainable Publishers consider Commerce:  Zorba Press provides the author(s) of the published work with a larger-than-conventional share on the sales’ profits. Increased royalties and full copyright ownership granted to the author(s) are two of the aspects designed to make the Zorba Press publishing agreements thoroughly author-friendly.
  3. Sustainable Publishers consider the Environment:  To reduce the impact of printing upon trees and other natural resources, we produce e-books, and/or paperbacks by print-on-demand. 
  4. Sustainable Publishers consider Technology:  “Every new technology,” writes Neil Postman in Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology, “is both a blessing and a burden.” Investigating the unintended harmful impact of technology, we focus on how technology — technology humanized — can bring genuine benefits.